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  1. St. Germain is a French-made 40-proof liqueur made from elderberry blossoms, small, white star-shaped flowers that are harvested only 3 weeks of the year. More popular in Europe, St. Germain has gained fans in the US over the past few years. Sweet and floral, it's a lovely compliment to both the gin and lime in a gin and tonic
  2. Not the fate I want for my St. Germain, in its pretty art deco bottle. So I went digging on their official website, and since I'm a big fan of gin + tonic cocktails that's the one I had to try. This is a super simple drink to prepare, which really appealed to me. Just pour the ingredients in and give it a light stir. That's it
  3. This St Germain gin and tonic is just that! If you are not familiar with St Germain, it is a liquor made from elderflowers and it is a little sweet with great flavor. It tastes so delicious in so many drinks and it makes cocktail making really easy; my husband puts it in almost all his cocktails these days! Parts to this gin and tonic

The gin and tonic is my favorite cocktail, hands down, so when I stumbled across this variation last year, I really didn't think I would enjoy it much. I mean, why mess with a classic?, I thought. I'm so glad I gave it a try! Adding the St. Germain to this cocktail provides just enough of a difference, but it doesn't completely change the drink - it is still identifiable as a gin. Le cocktail Saint-Germain se compose des ingrédients suivants : du jus de citron, du Schweppes Tonic Hibiscus, un quartier de citron et de la liqueur Saint-Germain. Connaissez-vous cette liqueur de fleurs de sureau A classic St Germain cocktail: a French gimlet! The French gimlet is a gin gimlet that adds a bit of this elderflower liqueur. The gimlet is a classic cocktail made of 2 parts gin and 1 part lime juice, often balanced with a little simple syrup. Add a bit of elderflower liqueur to make it French, and ditch the simple syrup

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An elderflower liqueur, such as St. Germain, is an easy way to add the sweet, floral taste to cocktails. This is a very versatile spirit that mixes with everything from Champagne and white wine to gin, vodka, and whiskey. Elderflower cocktails are absolutely delightful to drink, perfect for any occasion, and a fantastic change from the ordinary St-Germain Gin and Tonic Recipe. The St-Germain Gin and Tonic is a clear colored drink made from gin, St-Germain elderflower liqueur and tonic water, and served over ice in a highball glass Preparation. Fill 12 oz. glass with rock ice (I prefer low walled tumblers). Add 1/2 part St. Germain, then 1-1/2 parts Vodka. Juice 1/2 lime over rocks and slowly top with tonic water As for the ingredients, what you'll need is grapefruit, mint leaves, lemon juice, powdered sugar, gin, St-Germain, and tonic water. Mix all the ingredients together to create a flavorful grapefruit, St-Germain cocktail that's ideal for spring and summer Combine the gin or vodka, St. Germain, and lemon juice in a cocktail shaker. Fill the shaker with ice, cover, and shake vigorously until the outside of the shaker is very cold, about 20 seconds. Strain into a champagne glass and top with champagne. Garnish with a lemon twist and enjoy

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  1. This strawberry St Germain gin and tonic is a simple twist on the classic, adding a dash of floral flavor and brightness to the glass. It's the perfect light cocktail for spring or summer sipping. This post may contain affiliate links, where we earn from qualifying purchases. See more details in the policy page
  2. Fill a glass with ice. I'm not going to lie, I usually drink my cocktails out of mason jars because I'm classy like that. (Ok, really, I drink out of mason jar about 90% of the time, even if it's just iced water. I'm officially that girl.) Add the gin and St Germain. Add more or less gin or St Germain to suit your personal taste.
  3. La liqueur St-Germain a été conçue en 2007 par Rob Cooper, distillateur de troisième génération, épaulé par certains des meilleurs mixologues et producteurs de liqueurs françaises traditionnelles. Produite à partir de fleurs de sureau sauvages fraîches, cueillies à la main au printemps sur les flancs des montagnes d'Europe, elle rend hommage à l'esprit du Paris des années 1920
  4. 1 tablespoon St Germain elderflower liquer 1 1/2 ounces gin (Hendricks, St George, Bombay Sapphire or your favorite) 4 ounces (about) tonic water (use a good one like Fevertree
  5. Les cocktails les mieux cotés avec St Germain. Elderflower liqueur from France Ex: Pastinaca, Nomayo, The Texas Sipper, The St-Germain Cocktail, Gin Mandari
  6. Comme son titre le laisse présager, le St-Germain Cocktail est le cocktail officiel de la maison. On a décidé de vous le présenter tel quel puisqu'il s'agit pour nous d'un classique à adopter au plus vite! Recette par St-Germain Les ingrédients. 1 ½ parts St-Germain, liqueur de fleurs de sureau; 2 parts Prosecco ou champagne; 2 parts Eau pétillante; Zeste de citron; Vous aurez.
  7. St. Germain Cocktail A bright and refreshing St Germain cocktail made with St Germain, gin or vodka, fresh lemon, and topped with Prosecco or champagne. Easy and perfect for brunch, a special date night in, and parties! Celebratory Sippers: The St-Germain Cocktail

Just like every cocktail, even Gin Tonic can taste wholly different with a little twist. For example, in this recipe, the Gin Tonic is flavored with St Germain's elderflower liquor - which gives this cocktail a gentle floral taste. Depending on the version, there are Gin Tonic recipes that use varieties of spices. Therefore, with a bit of creativity, this cocktail will not be a grandma. Dec 14, 2018 - If you're a fan of gin and tonics, shake things up by adding a splash of elderflower liqueur and savor every sip of your St. Germain Gin and Tonic Cocktail

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ST GERMAIN GIN & TONIC (Scottish Re-Deux) 1.5 oz Hendrick's Gin.75 oz St Germain Top with Tonic Water. Garnish: Lime Wedge Glass: Collins Method: build ingredient in a chilled collins glass. Lightly stir and garnish with a lime wedge. VIEUX MOT. 1½ parts Plymouth Gin ¾ part St-Germain ¼ part simple syrup ¾ part fresh lemon juic What's in this St Germain champagne cocktail? St Germain; Gin; Champagne; Lemon juice; Simple syrup or pure maple syrup; Alex and I love making naturally sweet cocktails: we find that using pure maple syrup lends a gentle sweetness. Plus, maple syrup is always on hand in our refrigerator, because we use it in lots of our recipes. We use the maple syrup trick in many of our classic cocktails. Saint Germain is an elderflower liqour that tastes citrusy and sweet, with only subtle flower hints. It's lovely. Especially when mixed. Ilanna said it goes well with gin. I found a recipe for a variation on the classic gin & tonic. It was wonderfully refreshing, and light, and became my summer anthem of 2019 The St-Germain cocktail is the brand's signature drink, an elegant aperitif and spritzer style of drink made with Prosecco and sparkling water. St-Germain can brighten up a simple gin and tonic with subtle floral and sweet notes, goes well in a Gimlet and can be used as a substitute for vermouth in a twist on the Martini. Here is the signature drink, the recipe for the St-Germain Cocktail. When I'm at home and not drinking wine, chances are I'm enjoying a gin and tonic with lime or rye whiskey with a dash of bitters over ice. Nothing fancy. But I've tried so many cocktails at bars recently, I've been inspired to try to make my own at home. The ingredients for many of these fancy concoctions can be expensive and out of the ordinary. I didn't want to buy a large quantit

Découvrez la recette de Le St-Germain® Cocktail avec Femme Actuelle Le MA Saint-Germain Cocktail Recette emblématique de la marque du même nom, le St-Germain Cocktail fait la part belle à la fleur de sureau. Encore confidentielle il y a quelques années, la liqueur St-Germain est aujourd'hui présente dans la plupart des bars, et fait à chaque fois l'unanimité chez ceux qui y goûtent pour la première fois Instructions: In a cocktail shaker, muddle three cucumber slices. Add five to eight fresh mint leaves, an ounce of lime juice, an ounce of St-Germain and an ounce and a half of vodka. Add ice,..

2. St-Germain Artisanale 'Hummingbird' Cocktail. Fill a Collin's glass with 1 oz of St-Germain Artisanale Liqueur, 1 tbsp lime juice, and 2 oz of each of Lillet (or Prosecco white wine) and chilled club soda (or tonic water/lemonade) over ice cubes Tonic water may not be used in many tiki cocktails, but the mixer is a natural fit for the genre's complex flavors. In this drink from John Frizell and Tyler Caffall of Brooklyn's Fort Defiance, ultra-potent Navy Strength gin gets elevated with Q tonic, fresh pineapple juice and lime, while muddled cardamom pods add some spicy, tiki flair Put 60ml gin and 2 tbsp St Germain elderflower liqueur (from most supermarkets; or use elderflower cordial) into a cocktail shaker with a handful of ice. Stir and strain into glasses. Top up with 200-250ml Fever-Tree elderflower tonic. Serve with a sprig of fresh herbs

To make it a St. Germain gin and tonic, omit the cranberry juice and add tonic water instead. St. Germain Cocktail with Prosecco. For an equally delicious cocktail without the cranberry twist, try my sparkling St. Germain Cocktail, which is made with prosecco or with champagne. You also can top this recipe with a splash of sparkling wine That's where this St-Germain cocktail from Darling Down South comes in. In addition to the liqueur, it's made with grapefruit juice, orange juice, cranberries, thyme, and gin, and best of all, it makes enough to serve a crowd. 08 of 1 * 1 1/2 ounce St-Germain * 1/2 ounce fresh lime juice Combine all ingredients in an ice-filled shaker and shake until cold. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass

Easy Cocktails Recipes | St Germain Gin Tonic. Just like every cocktail, even Gin Tonic can taste wholly different with a little twist. For example, in this recipe, the Gin Tonic is flavored with St Germain's elderflower liquor - which gives this cocktail a gentle floral taste. Depending on the version, there are Gin Tonic recipes that use varieties of spices. Therefore, with a bit of. Black Friday Cocktail: A gorgeous Gin and Tonic Made with St-Germain Elderflower Liqueur. Yes! By Linda Eckhardt on November 25, 2011 Tweet; Pin It; You try to live a reasonable life. You cooked your Thanksgiving from scratch. You washed all the dishes. You took back that faulty steam vac and got your money refunded. You paid your bills due December 1. You didn't go nuts in the stores today.

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Combine the gin, lemon juice, St-Germain, and simple syrup in a cocktail shaker and add a handful of raspberries. Muddle the raspberries, then fill the shaker 2/3 with ice and shake well. Strain into a chilled glass filled with fresh ice. Top with tonic water and garnish with fresh raspberries Mixed with gin for this cocktail, it adds summery fruit and citrus notes. The St-Germain is optional in this gin and tonic remix, but a delicious option. For the gin, I stuck with French and chose Citadelle. We're also fans of Hendrick's, but any good gin will do 20% Alc By Vol. I was looking for new ways to use my elderflower liqueur, it's been patiently in my bar, waiting for me to put it to good use, this will do. Rub your lemon pee

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The official cocktail of spring. Gin, elderflower liqueur, fresh lemon juice and fresh muddled cucumbers. A super refreshing and aromatic cucumber martini. Posted by Shawn Williams; October 15, 2016 ; 16 Comments Jump to Recipe. The cucumber martini, made with gin, elderflower (St. Germain), and fresh cucumber, is summer in a glass. Personally, I never used to be a gin martini lover, however. Our favorite cocktails typically have a combination of fruity and herbal notes, so we decided to whip up a Memorial Day afternoon cocktail with fresh blackberries and thyme. It turned out so delicious we had to share! It's a great twist on a gin and tonic. We used Fever Tree Elderflower Tonic (c/o) and St. George Botanivore Gin. To make this cocktail, you'll need a shaker, a muddler (we.

En Spritz, dans votre champagne ou en gin & tonic, la saveur versatile de la liqueur ST-GERMAIN ® en fait un ingrédient de choix dans de nombreux cocktails. Notre conseil pour une dégustation réussie : Accompagnez votre ST-GERMAIN SPRITZ d'une belle planche apéritive et le tour est joué ! Encore plus de gourmandise ? Pourquoi ne pas rajouter un peu de ST-GERMAIN ® dans votre salade de. St. Germain Gin and Tonic Cocktail - That Skinny Chick Can Bake · 13 reviews · 5 minutes. If you're a fan of gin and tonics, shake things up by adding a splash of elderflower liqueur and savor every sip of your St. Germain Gin and Tonic Cocktail! Gin & Tonic Cocktails Summer Cocktails Cocktail Drinks Alcoholic Drinks Beverages Summer Parties Fun Drinks Yummy Drinks Craft Cocktails. St. Jan 3, 2016 - A Spanish-style fusion Gin and Tonic that pairs Scottish Hendrick's gin with French St. Germain Elderflower liqueur, lavender and orange bitters The St. Germain Cocktail is a refreshing elderflower spritz that's French and lovely, just like our newest Drinks Tube cocktail expert - Camille Vidal. It's a combination of St. Germain elderflower liqueur, Prosecco and soda water and makes a delightful long drink that's perfect for the warmer seasons. Welcome to Drinks Tube, Camille. Santé! Created in partnership with Bacardi Double shot gin (my go-to for cocktails is Bombay Sapphire) Double shot prosecco. Single shot St Germain elderflower liqueur. 150ml tonic (I use Fever Tree tonic) Slice of lime, for the garnish. Ice. Method. Fill half of your glass with ice (I normally go for a balloon-style glass) Add the gin, St Germain liqueur and prosecco into the glas

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Strawberry Gin Fizz is a delicious way to enjoy your fresh summer strawberries in a cocktail. Gin and St. Germain combine with the strawberry flavor for the perfect summer refresher! We went strawberry picking last weekend. It was such a nice day. I've been under the weather but I didn't want to waste a weekend stuck inside so I took some medicine and made sure we headed out the door. We. Jan 29, 2016 - A Spanish-style fusion Gin and Tonic that pairs Scottish Hendrick's gin with French St. Germain Elderflower liqueur, lavender and orange bitters Le Tiger est implanté dans le quartier très festif de Saint Germain des Près. Vous y découvrez les très nombreuses saveurs & personnalités du Gin, pour que chaque cocktails soit une nouvelle expérience. Un nouveau Gin est à déguster toutes les semaines, que vous pourrez accompagner de délicieuses tapas. COCKTAILS & GIN TONIC . 100. GINS 13. COCKTAILS SIGNATURES 1040. COMBINAISONS DE. Elderflower Martini with St. Germain. While there are several other elderflower liqueurs available on the market, St. Germain by far is the best known. Here I've used in in a vodka martini. Gin is equally good in this St. Germain cocktail and cucumber vodka is also a popular choice. Either can be swapped evenly for the vodka in this recipe 10 cl (3,5 oz.) Tonic. Préparation. Cocktail à préparer directement au verre. Commencez en versant le Gin, le St-Germain et le jus de citron. Ajoutez des glaçons, puis complétez le verre avec le tonic. Remuez à l'aide d'une cuillère à mélange. Décoration. Ajouter quelques tranches de citrons et des pétales de fleurs pour une déco des plus estivales. Le long drink incontournable.

Le Gin Tonic est un délicieux cocktail dont la recette unique se décline à travers ses nombreuses variantes.Le Gin est un alcool proche du Genever à base de baie de genévrier. Largement produit en Angleterre, il devient le premier alcool de masse au XVIIe siècle A simply refreshing cocktail on a warm day. If you prefer vodka to gin, go ahead and substitute it. If you haven't discovered St. Germain but you like cocktails, pick yourself up a bottle of this delicious elderflower liquor. It adds a great flavor to your cocktails. Here's another cocktail on my site that uses this liquor Another great use for St. Germain is 2 0z Pamplemousse, 1.5 oz. Add five to eight fresh mint leaves, an ounce of lime juice, an ounce of St-Germain and an ounce and a half of vod This Elderflower Empress Gin and Tonic recipe is featured in the Fall and Winter Cocktails feed along with many more. Search. Subscribe. Log in. Sign up. Rate this post ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (116) Elderflower Empress Gin and Tonic. The Empress Elderflower Spanish G&T featuring the color changing @empressgin1908! I updated my most loved recipe of all time using. Our Raspberry and Cranberry Pink is idea over plenty of ice and your favourite Indian Tonic water. Read on to find our Gin Cocktail recipes for shaking, mixing and stirring. MEET OUR MIXOLOGIST. Try our Gin Cocktails - or why not hire our MIXOLOGIST to make your event or party sparkle. You can buy gin online either from our shop or from Amazon. TASTING NOTES. Horse Guards London Dry Gin.

Aug 23, 2018 - A Spanish-style fusion Gin and Tonic that pairs Scottish Hendrick's gin with French St. Germain Elderflower liqueur, lavender and orange bitters Tonic Hotel Saint-Germain has kept the Saint Germain spirit Rive-Gauche. At the heart of the Saint-Germain district, at the Carrefour Odeon, its 13 charming rooms combine intimacy and travel of another time. Travel in another time. Rooms. Discover our rooms. 13 rooms spread over 4 floors, embracing the unique quirks of our beautiful 17th century building. All bedrooms, small and delicate.

Un cocktail magnifique, frais et simple, élaboré avec Saint Amans Gin Rosé et des framboises fraîches ou congelées. Ingredients: 40ml Saint Amans Gin 80-120ml de Tonic Artonic ou London Essence de préférence. 80ml si vous préférez un goût plus prononcé de gin. 4-6 framboises 3-4 gros glaçons Method: 1. Mettre les gl Découvrez ce Cocktail Tonic and More au Gin et concombre. Une recette proposée par Finley, à consommer avec modération St. Germain Gin and Tonic submitted by That Skinny Chick Can Bake. More Recipes. Filed Under: Alcoholic, Beverages Tagged With: beverage, cocktail. gin and tonic, lime, St-germain, That Skinny Chick Can Bake. Primary Sidebar. Follow Yum Goggle Categories. Categories. Newsletter Signup!. St. Germain Gin & Tonic St. Germain. 1½ parts Gin* 1 part St-Germain 3 parts Tonic Water. Method: Combine all ingredients in a tall ice-filled Collins glass and stir well. Garnish with lime wedge. Enjoy. Check mirror for halo. If halo fails to appear, substitute lemon wedge for lime. * Preferably Plymouth, Hendrick's or a superb London Dry Gin

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We have a new favorite drink at our house; one that will transition perfectly into summer. I love a good gin and tonic, and I love St-Germain, a French elderflower liqueur. The combination of the two is brilliant! The boy makes it perfectly, and I'm a very happy girl. St-Germaine Gin and Tonic 1½ part Dans un verre highball contenant quelques glaçons, ajouter le dry gin. Allonger avec le soda tonique. Garnir de rondelles de lime In a medium saucepan, whisk milk and together flour. Heat over medium and stir continuously until mixture thickens, about 7 minutes. It should look like a thick batter. Whisk in St. Germain, tonic water and lime juice 1 Part St-Germain Elderflower Liqueur ¾ Part Fresh-squeezed Lemon Juice (Meyer lemon is amazing if it is available in your area) Top with Club Soda Method: Shake first three ingredients with ice.. These days, St-Germain is used in myriad cocktails, but one of the most notable is an updated rendition of a Gin Fizz, a classic that is nearly forgotten. Back in the early 1950s, the Gin Fizz was Paris' most fashionable cocktail. Lubin perfumer Henri Giboulet was captivated by the drink and another notable American export — film star Grace Kelly — that he created a perfume called Gin.

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st germain in tokyo cocktail Get a good, solid peel of lemon zest (using a normal peeler or paring knife), and give it a big twist and squeeze over the drink—spraying all of those fragrant lemon oils on top. Hi, I'm Erin Clarke, and I'm fearlessly dedicated to making healthy food that's affordable, easy-to-make, and best of all DELISH A nuclear gin and tonic - or at least, one that simply radiates flavour. History: Created in 2007 by Brendan Mainini at The Ambassador Bar, San Francisco, USA. £60.70 Approx. £4.04 per cocktail Add all. Makes a minimum of 11.5 cocktails. Rutte Dry Gin £33.95. £2.90/cocktail, makes 11.5 Add Rutte Dry Gin. Adding to basket... Added to basket. Rutte Dry Gin. Checkout. St Germain Elderflower. Il se décline en deux versions : le cocktail Hugo, avec du sirop de sureau ou le cocktail St-Germain. C'est quoi le Cocktail St-Germain ? Rien à voir avec Saint-Germain des Près. Le Cocktail Saint.. Tonique (ou eau minérale) 1 oz de jus de pamplemousse (ou de citron

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Place two large ice spheres in an over-sized pinot noir glass. Add gin, St. Germain and Grand Marnier. Top with tonic water and garnish with kumquats, lime, star anise and thyme. Add orange and Angostura bitters to taste 1½ parts Gin or Vodka 1 part St-Germain ½ part Meyer lemon juice Top with Q tonic. Build in a Collins glass with ice. Stir lightly with StG spoon-straw. CREATED BY Jamie Boudreau. NOMAYO. 1½ parts Gin or Vodka ¾ part St-Germain ½ part Aperol ½ part freshly squeezed lemon juice top with float of Champagne. Combine all ingredients in a shaker except the Champagne, add ice and shake. Strain.

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This Elderflower, Gin & Prosecco Cocktail is one of our most popular cocktails on Garnish with Lemon. It's filled with gin, elderflower, prosecco and a squeeze of lime juice in a sugar-rimmed martini glass. One sip and you will see why it's the perfect party cocktail St. Germain Gin and Tonic Cocktail - That Skinny Chick Can Bake · 13 reviews · 5 minutes. If you're a fan of gin and tonics, shake things up by adding a splash of elderflower liqueur and savor every sip of your St. Germain Gin and Tonic Cocktail! Fruit Cocktail Drink Cocktail Gin Tonic Cocktails Fruit Drinks Gin Cocktail Recipes Gin Recipes Beverages Salty Dog Cocktail Recipe Cucumber.

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St. Germain and Grapefruit 3 ingredients Add St. Germain and juices to a chilled cocktail shaker filled with ice St. Germain Gin & Tonic. The floral aromas of this elderberry liquor pair perfectly for a springtime gin and tonic featured on The Sweetest Occasion. Plus, if you've ever purchased a bottle of St. Germain like I have, you may find that you have that bottle fooooooorever. I'll happily introduce this G&T as one way to widdle down that bottle. Ingredients. 1 oz of St Germain; 1-1/2 oz of gin; 3. Pour gin into a glass containing one large ice cube. Add one full bottle of Fever Tree tonic water. Garnish with lime, lemon, juniper, lime leaves, and flower petals, if desired

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This gin & tonic twist incorporates Bombay Sapphire with MARTINI Rosso, Fever-Tree Refreshingly Light Lemon Tonic, star anise plus wedges of lemon & orange. Sugar & Spice & Everything Nice A long, vibrant, refreshing cocktail with Bombay Sapphire, cranberry juice, lemon wedges, Orgeat almond syrup, complemented with a cinnamon-sugar-edged glass Margarita Caipirinha St-Germain Tequila Cocktail, lime wedge PNG size: 860x1092px filesize: 1.46MB; Rickey Margarita Caipirinha Cocktail Gin and tonic, vodka glass PNG size: 460x553px filesize: 198.18KB; Cocktail garnish Mojito Gin and tonic Mai Tai, HUGO cocktail PNG size: 460x1084px filesize: 376.66KB; Mojito Cocktail garnish Caipirinha Sea Breeze, mojito PNG size: 625x1354px filesize: 901. Dec 24, 2017 - Explore Kat Nemo's board St. Germain Cocktail Recipes :) xo on Pinterest. See more ideas about Yummy drinks, Cocktail recipes, Fun drinks

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Learn how to make the perfect gin and tonic with Hendrick's Gin and a cucumber garnish. Explore delicious gin cocktail recipes from Hendrick's Gin No matter what your level is in cocktail making, this drink is a great introduction to chartreuse liquor and to making cocktails that go beyond the gin and juice concept. If you want some more recipes with gin after trying this one, you might want to check out my St Germain gin and tonic

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Combine gin, St. Germain, and lemon juice in a cocktail shaker, and fill with ice. Shake heartily until the shaker is very cold. Strain the mix into a champagne glass, top off with prosecco, and garnish with a lemon twist The refreshing elderflower gin cocktail gets a pop of color and flavor from the addition of blood orange juice. I can't get enough of the prettiness that is blood orange. Every year when they make their appearance, I load up on pounds and pounds of this beautiful and delicious fruit. While there are numerous varieties, the moro blood orange is my favorite. It's the super rich crimson ones. This delicious St. Germain cocktail is like a less fruity mimosa. The traditional cocktail calls for soda water and champagne served over ice, but this variation of just champagne and the liqueur is extremely delicious as well (and packs more of a punch). You can also serve this cocktail with a garnish of lemon, raspberries, or strawberries! Ingredients. 2 ounces St. Germain Liqueur 3 1/2. Elderflower Gin and Tonic. June 6, 2018. Jump to Recipe. Print Recipe Pin Recipe. Elderflower Gin and Tonic. Servings: 1. Ingredients. ice; 2 ounces gin; 1 ounce St. Germain, Elderflower liquor; hearty squeeze of fresh lemon ; 1 1/2 ounce Fever Tree Tonic water; lemon slice; Instructions. Add ice to a cocktail shaker. Pour the gin and St. Germain over the ice. Add the lemon juice. Shake well.

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